How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Tranquil Haven

After a long hard day at the office or running around after the kids, sinking into an irresistibly comfortable bed is a reward worth waiting for. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important in order to wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go and transforming your bedroom into a serene retreat can help you to drift off into a deep sleep.

But for now, forget getting forty winks – there are as many things you have to check off your list before settling down for a snooze in a comfortable, stylish bedroom!

Bedding essentials
Once you’ve bought a bed and an accompanying mattress, you need to dress it up with stylish bedding so that your sleeping environment is comfortable, gives you optimum support and slots nicely into your existing design theme.


Fitted sheets are an absolute essential necessity and are a perfect addition to any linen cupboard. Sheets are available in all sizes, from single right through to kingsize and come in a diverse range of colours.

Choose carefully as you’ll need to match the sheet with valances as well as duvet and pillow covers to create a coherent design theme that is easy on the eye.

Bedding accessories
You don’t just have to stick with the basics – why not branch out and opt for some stylish additions to make your bedroom even cosier? An electric blanket can keep you warm through chilly nights and throws are ultra soft and even respond to changes in temperature.


If one pillow isn’t enough, you could double up or pile up comfy cushions to create a cosy nest that you can escape into at the end of the day. Choose colours that complement pillow and duvet covers rather than opting for bright contrasting colours that can overstimulate the mind and postpone sleep. Earth tones are a great choice and can create a soothing environment perfect for encouraging sleep.

Soothing lighting
Even with comfy bedding and soothing colours, harsh lighting can shatter a tranquil atmosphere and delay sleep. Light dimming controls allow you to easily change the ambience in your bedroom to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Or why not invest in a lava lamp to give the space a relaxing glow and give you a gentle nudge towards the land of nod?

Bedroom storage
Another way to give your bedroom a calm, composed appearance is to keep everything in order. Tidy room, tidy mind – clutter can exacerbate stress so keep it to a minimum with clever bedroom storage solutions such as elegant vanity tables, mirrored wardrobes and chic bedside tables.


Having a coherent design theme running through key pieces of furniture can give a room a restful air. Mismatched pieces can make a room feel crowded and excess furniture can make a room seem smaller so opt for select pieces of matching furniture to create a soothing environment.

Additional extras
Fill your home with lovely, relaxing aromas and sooth your senses with incense burners or scented candles. As well as making great decorations on their own, these can infuse a sense of calm in your mood and help you get into sleep mode – just remember to blow out any candles before going to sleep.

Your bedroom should be a haven you can escape to from the pressures of the day, and with some minor adjustments it could be the peaceful sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

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