Get a Bigger Bed: Superking and King Size Bed Measurements

Get a Bigger Bed:  Superking and King Size Bed Measurements

Did you know that one of the most common bedroom complaints for having bad nights sleeps is due to partner disturbance? Aside from the fact that your +1 might be a snorer or a sleep talker, the number one complaint is due to partners tucking the duvet around themselves and rolling (42%) and the famous midnight shuffles (19%).

Going for a bigger bed would be a great way to avoid being disturbed by your partner and get the refreshing nights sleeps you deserve. According to the Sleep Council the size of a bed can have a significant effect on the quality of your sleep and anyway, everyone knows that the larger the better. In order to choose a bed that will fit your bedroom and more importantly fit you and your other half, here is a reminder about standard double, kingsize and super kingsize bed measurements in the United Kingdom.

Get a Bigger Bed:  Superking and King Size Bed Measurements

Double bed measurements
The width of a standard double bed is 135cm and the length 190cm, which is equivalent to 4ft 6in by 6ft 3in. This means that each person lying on the bed has less than 68cm of space. As a rule, in order to have enough space to sleep in bed, you and your partner should be able to lie down side by side, put both your hands behind your head without touching each other’s elbows. If this is something you can’t do you might need a larger bed such as a king size or super kingsize bed.

King size bed measurements
King size bed measurements in cm are 150 x 200 which is equivalent to 5ft by 6ft 6in. Compared to a double size bed, a king size bed allows you and your partner to enjoy an extra 7cm of space each! The length of the bed is also an important criteria to take into account when choosing a bed size to fit two people. It is recommended that you choose a bed that is about 10-15cm longer than the height of the taller sleeper. If a kingsize bed still doesn’t make your nights more comfortable there is another great option to consider: the superking bed!

Get a Bigger Bed:  Superking and King Size Bed Measurements

Superking Bed measurements
The width of a super king size bed in cm is 180 x 200 which is equivalent to 6ft by 6ft 6in. This bed size gives you and your partner an extra 22cm of freedom each compared to a double bed and an extra 15cm compared to a king size bed.

Moving up a bed size doesn’t necessarily cost a lot more and will provide you with more space to sleep without being disturbed by your partner’s annoying bad sleep habits. At Wedo-Beds even if we can’t do much about your partner’s annoying sleep habits ( Rrrrrr ZzzzzR) we can however advise you about our best standard king size beds and a lot more.

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