Curtain Poles for your Perfect Home

Curtain Poles for your Perfect Home

Curtain poles are a worry for those who believe in perfection. The perfect home is all about drapes. And the perfect drapes must have those ultimate curtain poles that define your taste. Designing and decorating a home space is no small deal. It is all about defining your mood and your way of expressing it and every little detail must be taken into account. Whether you take it up on yourself to design and decorate your home, or leave it to a professional to design it for you, there are always a few calls that you would have to take because it if after all your home.

When choosing your curtain pole, the primary thing to be taken into account is the colour combination of your room. While choosing a colour close to the shade of your walls is a great idea, using a darker shade for the pole could also enhance the somber and subtle colour of your room. The two other things that must be kept in mind while deciding on the right curtain pole for your room, is the size of your window and also the size of the curtain to be hanged.

There are a variety of curtain poles available in the market and your choice would be decided by the impact you want your décor to make. In fact, if you are keen on playing around a bit you could sit down with a catalogue and check out the different styles and approaches adorning the walls and windows these days. For more information visit here.

Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic, Tropical, Mediterranean are some of the different approaches you could dabble in while choosing your perfect pole. The steel tube is a favourite with the ones who want to go contemporary. The steel tube is sleek, lightweight and a prefect piece of art with its matte nickel finish – a perfect choice for small apartments and semi-professional spaces. If eclectic is what you have in mind, do not think of the installation arts you mean to buy as yet. You have a wide range to choose from in this category. Some poles come with organic art-forms giving the impression of twigs and branches holding on to your drapes. If metal is the material you are looking for there are very many designs to choose from. One with animal heads as filial carving is most common in households who want to keep it uncommon. You could also go for a simple metal or wood pole and add glass filial work to it to keep it different. The lion terminal in metal could also be a great choice for a simple wooden curtain pole. The filial should however not contrast with the fabric and colour you choose for your curtain. For example any earthy shade of curtain would look great with metal terminals set to a wooden pole but glass should strictly be used for curtains in shades of beige or light shades.

The antique fluted wood rod is a sure choice for you if experimenting is not your thing and old world charm is what you are looking for. These traditional wooden fluted rods are usually handcrafted and come with an Italian walnut or Antique Gold finish.

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